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Fraud and Scam Alert

Scam Alert It has been brought to our attention that Baron Point and/or subsidiary companies and documentation with our logo, name and/or identity, as well as our employees names has been subject to use, fraudulently, and used in business propositions and offers that are fake. These business propositions and offers pretend to be made on behalf of a Baron Point subsidiary company, or the Baron Point in general, and they are not real.

Our Position

Baron Point and our family of companies respect the value of business ethics and apply best practices principal across the enterprise. If you agree, report any waste, conflict of interest, fraud, or any other alleged violation of best practices principals and any criminal act or tort by any law, in relation to any business dealing or in carrying out business transaction adverse to you and/or the Baron Point and our family of companies.

Feel free to contact our whistle blowing system at [email protected] where your identity will be held confidentially in the event any party knowing any alleged violation reports it to our system.

Remember, if you do not report, we cannot help, and you may be held responsible, under the law, for any consequences of the said non-compliance.

In the case of Business Propositions

The Fraudster poses as representative of a Baron Point subsidiary company or the Baron Point and seeks opportunities of business transactions related to physical commodity products, contracts, investments, projects, etc.

In the case of Recruitment Offers

The Fraudster sends initial enquiry followed by an online interview questionnaire and an offer of employment without any face-to-face interview. These communications are pretending to be sent on behalf of a Baron Point subsidiary company or the Baron Point. These offers notify individuals that their qualifications are found suitable to work and solicit the transfer of significant sums of money to pay for visa, work permits, etc.

Please note that a Baron Point subsidiary company or Baron Point never selects candidates based upon an online interview and never asks any money or fee, either directly or indirectly, from any applicant at any point of time during the recruitment process.

All job vacancies are published on the Baron Point careers area of our website.

Best Practices so you do not get scammed!

  • Know who you are dealing with.
  • Do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know or trust or on a website you do not trust.
  • Should you have disclosed this information to somebody you do not know or trust or to a website you do not trust consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement.
  • Be alert for certain suspicious signs – e.g. poor use of language, communications from e-mail addresses (e.g. from a,, addresses), requests for advance money, contact through social websites such as LinkedIn, etc.
  • It is against Baron Point's enterprise policy to do any business outside of a domain, so never accept any solicitation or discussion of business if it is coming from a domain.
  • Be alert for the domain used in communications. Communications sent from a Baron Point email account ends with
  • Be suspicious when dealing with persons who do not have a direct telephone line on the company system and who are never in when you call, but always return your call later.
  • Independently verify the legitimacy of any franchise, investment or recruitment offer before you take any decision.
  • Kindly report any scam offers through [email protected]. Your identity will be held in the strictest of confidence.

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